Sara Nunes
ter 30 nov

5 facts in favor of the planet

Cork is a natural product originating from the renewable bark of the Cork Oak, which Mother Nature planted essentially in southern Portugal.

  1. 1- The cork oak is the only tree in the world with a bark- cork- that comprises such unique characteristics.
  2. 2- The Cork Oak has a long lifespan living on average more than 200 years.
  3. 3- The first harvesting only takes place when the tree reaches 25 years of age. The subsequent harvestings occur every 9 years and are not harmful to the cork trees normal development.
  4. 4- The montado house a combination of unique or threatened species. The Iberian Lynx or the Imperial Eagle are but two examples. In addition, the Mediterranean Basin has between 15 to 25 thousand plant species, with more than half existing in this region.
  5. 5- The cork forests contribute to carbon fixation. Less than 1,5 hectares of Montado is necessary to mitigate the annual carbon dioxide emissions of an average vehicle.