Sara Nunes
ter 30 nov

Our Inspiration is Cork

Cork industry is regarded as environmentally friendly and sustainable. The cork tree is not chopped down to obtain cork (only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork). And this is what makes our products eco-friendly.

The story of cork is a story of people and their love for the land and nature. It all starts in Alentejo, in the south of Portugal where the time runs slowly and the summer is yellow and hot. The harvest of cork in the end of the spring beginning of summer happens every 9 years and doesn’t harm the tree but makes it to live healthier and longer.

The cork barks are piled up in Alentejo and carried to the north of Portugal to be manufactured first for wine stoppers and then with the left overs for different applications from floor tiles, wall tiles and other applications like the ones we do at 3DCORK.

We choose the best cork grains to create exquisite cork items that have on themselves all the ancient knowledge of cork and the design and comfort of our times. We work hard with universities and technological centers in order to be able to present to our customers the best cost efficiently solutions. The decision on the best production method is based on the pieces and our knowledge on the material. In our facilities we have a wide range of different processes that allow us to produce pieces for shoe, industrial and sports components as well as Homeware and Home Utilities.