Who we are

Our story began in 2006 when a father and daughter team combined their knowledge of cork with a desire to make cork products more exciting and innovative.
From that point on, we've been on a journey filled with love for this eco-friendly material.
Our goal has always been to show the world all the amazing things you can do with cork in areas like home goods, sports, footwear, decoration, and industrial uses.



Our Inspiration


Cork is all about caring for the land and nature.
We start in southern Portugal, in a region called Alentejo, where time moves slowly, and summers are warm and sunny. Here, we find cork oak trees in the Montado forest. When we collect cork bark, we don't harm or cut down the trees.
Instead, it helps them live longer and stay healthy, following a sustainable process.

What we offer

We're enthusiastic about taking on challenges. Our services cover everything from brainstorming ideas to creating, producing, and delivering them. Whether it's crafting new products, personalizing items, or marketing our own brand, we've got you covered every step of the way.
Take a closer look at your options! Feel free to inquire for more information.

Made in Portugal with love


All our products are proudly made in Portugal. Our production site is strategically placed just south of Porto, and our team of skilled professionals ensures that our products smoothly reach customers worldwide.



Beautify your Life. Protect the World!